05 outubro 2010

Covering up...with as much clothing as I can!

...but it's still not working, it's still cold in my heart... Wonder how long it will take for it to burn again...

pictures taken by João from Artistic By Fashion

Lady Gaga T-shirt: Fishbone
Maxi black skirt: United Colors of Benetton
Belt: Mango
Booties: Parfois
Bag: Mango
Mustard scarf: I don't know, found it among my grandma's stuff!

My first try ever on the maxi skirt and I felt AWESOME!!! This is why it's so good to be a part of the fashion blogosphere: you get to see things and wonder "what if I wore this?" and when you do... WOW! You discover what you've been missing all along...

What about that mustard scarf?! You'll see it lot more, I hope, since I'm CRAZY over that color right now! ;)

I'm sick right now... A cold, I guess... And I need to study so much still... :S Well, nothing to be worried about!

Thanks for being there,

Yours TRULY,

25 comentários:

  1. LOVE this outfit! The skirt looks amazing with the tee :) I wore y maxi skirt yesterday (in a college where everyone pretty much looks the same) and I got mixed reviews! I love them though :)

    hope you're okay, love



  2. i love your entire ensemble. especially the skirt and shoes. by the way..you have a gorgeous name! haha

  3. Pois... Eu vou andar à procura, mas eu sou muito esquisita com os oxford shoes, porque não gosto dos que são demasiado bicudos! Se encontrar alguma coisa, aviso-te!

  4. Adoro o look! A t-shirt é gira! O mundo está mesmo Going Gaga! todas as lojas têm t-shirts!

  5. lovely look!1 xx

    Rain Of Dew

  6. Love the maxi skirt! This scarf is perfect.

  7. your shoes are to die for :D fabulous outfit babe :)


    hope you come visit/follow me :)

  8. amazing outfit! love the pop of the mustard shade - it has enbrigthen the set!

  9. really cool outfit!

    lovely blog u have here!

    pls come visit and join:))

    kiss dear


  10. love your shoes and skirt,you have a great style i follow you!

    xx charmediem.blogspot

  11. love that tee - this is deffo an inspiring look!

  12. nice outfit :) Eu por acaso comprei um vestido comprido e é mesmo confortável, a saia calculo que seja igual. Eu já usei saias compridas mas deixei de usar porque nem se viam à venda. *

  13. Hey, you got Look of the Day on fabsugar...cool. You look beautiful here!

  14. Wow! You´re sexy and di classe at the same time! This long skirt is so stylish, and the way you modeling... i just can say WOW!


  15. Love this look! The scarf totally sets it apart!



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